On the way to Ayyam-i-Ha party!

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A Test of Faith in Brutal Captivity

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Gone Girl

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When the Growth Model Fails

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Lillian Soraya is three weeks old!

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Daddy and baby

Bath time

Drying off 1

Drying off 2

Aunt Ella and uncle Andrew

Our first walk outside the neighborhood

Mommy and baby

Grandmother and baby

Colby still hasn’t realized the MacBook Pro is not actually his baby

Alea and Alya watch Lillian sleep


Lillian (Lily) Soraya Gottert arrives!

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Lily sleeps

Lillian Soraya Gottert was born August 13th at 12:47 a.m. weighing 7lbs 7 oz and measuring 20 inches.  She is a happy and hungry baby, who has her father’s hair and her mother’s facial expressions.

Meeting Lily for the first time

Mommy and baby

Proud new parents

Visiting hours

Lily sleeps again




Ann at 9 months




More animals in our front yard!

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Our house is on the left

Monkey see...

Get that bird off me!

There is a story behind this...

And for the story: I was taking a nice walk around the area near our house in the late afternoon, and as I circled back to our house I noticed this female warthog between me and the house.  I have been snapping photos of her and her two young all day, but decided to take a few more because the light was so nice. As I approached, she grunted and took two steps forward.  I altered my path a bit to move away from her, but she grunted again and took two more steps forward.  At that point I stopped and watched her, trying to decide what to do, at which point she grunted and took three steps forward.  I made the quick decision to double back in my path and take the long way home!

Turn out if I have clapped twice she would have gone scampering away!

Front yard